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Web Directories are like old school search engines. You list your website on them so people can find you, but, the difference between search engines and directories are, directories are run by humans not robots, and are on a much smaller scale.

Tip: the directories that come up highest in the search rankings will probably generate the most traffic.

I am not advocating that you submit your website to all of the Directories on my Database; use common sense when choosing which ones to list on. Google does want you to earn your links so try to keep link building as natural as possible.

Which Web Directories should you submit to?

Download your Free Australian Directories Websites Database here!

Search engine optimisation in general is a long term strategy, to which you’ll be successful if you:

  1. Structure your pages correctly by positioning your keywords in effective places without overstuffing.
  2. Build a great website with unique content that people will want to share and link to on their websites and social media.
  3. Regularly add fresh content to your website.
  4. Build natural links over time as well as concentrate your efforts on all of the above.

Within a few weeks/months you’ll start to see success.

If you have any further ideas or feedback, I would love to hear all about it…

Talk soon…


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